Unmoderated Remote Usability Test Findings: Wunderground.com

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Here is a presentation about the findings from an unmoderated remote usability test for Wunderground.com. If you would like to take the test, click here.

View the presentation PDF here.

On findings

Wunderground.com is easy to use for simple tasks such as looking up a city’s 10-day forecast, finding the radar for your area or looking up historic weather data.

However, this test showed some areas of concern, none the least of which is the fact that 0 of 6 participants had used this site before. All of them had experience with looking up weather forecasts and radar online, but not one had ever used Wunderground.com to do so.

Moreover, this specific weather site’s radar is lacking. Users want simpler, more straight-forward radar which he or she understands.

The remote, unmoderated usability test allowed us to keep the participants in their own setting where they could take the test on their own time. They thought aloud, which offered some of the best qualitative data from this test.

Watch the presentation above for more.

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