About Dave

dave-barkowiakI am dedicated to understanding how people use products. User-centered design has become my passion. I love researching to find out the truth from people — what they think, how they feel, why they do what they¬†do. Being a good listener is probably the most important aspect to being a good designer and content strategist.

I started my professional career as a newspaper designer and copy editor while earning a bachelor’s degree in journalism at Michigan State University. I quickly transformed into a web designer and cut my teeth in Internet marketing and search engine optimization.

Then I returned to the newsroom where I polished my people skills. This is where I built a foundation in communicating, interviewing, reporting, researching and listening to users. Content strategy has become a way of life for me, and it has helped me immensely in my quest to understand audience and user needs.

All of this led to my deep interest in user experience design. I am pursuing a master of science in information architecture and knowledge management, with a concentration in UX design, at Kent State University.

I am based in the Detroit area where I live with my wife and son. My hobbies include playing guitar and playing hockey.

Contact me

Email me: dbartkow@kent.edu

Call me: 734-223-9023